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2014 Tax Levy

CUSD #4 Board of Education will approve the 2014 tax levy at the December 17th meeting. This is a complicated process. Sometimes the jargon leads to miscommunication. The goal of this article is to clarify a few points about the tax levy. 

There will be a Truth in Taxation hearing at 6:30 p.m. on December 17, 2014 in the Unity High School Library. The Board will approve a tax levy following that hearing. 

Fortunately projections for the district’s EAV are that the total property value of the district will increase about 6%. The Board’s intent is to establish a tax levy that will keep the tax rate level. With rising EAV slightly decreasing bond obligations, the total dollars the district will levy for are about a 9% increase. The end result is the tax rate should remain level throughout the district. 

The tax levy process can be confusing. There is an official notice that must be posted in the newspaper. You will see it run in the Mendon Dispatch this week. The wording is established by law and must be followed. The wording is confusing because it refers to the increase in total tax dollars. It will mention the 9% increase in the tax levy. However, the goal is to keep the tax rate the same. Based on EAV projections, an increase of 9% in total dollars will result in a level tax rate. In this case individual tax bills will only change if a property owner’s EAV changed. 

If you have questions or concerns about the process, feel free to call Brian Kurz at the district office (217.936.2111). As always, community members are welcome to attend the hearing and all Board meetings. 



2015 School Board Elections

Community Unit School District #4 will have 5 school board seats to be filled at the April 7, 2015 Consolidated Election. 

Candidates for the office of school board can begin to circulate nominating petitions for signatures beginning September 23, 2014. The period for filing nominating papers runs from December 15 through December 22, 2014.

Unlike previous years, changes in the state election laws have moved the responsibility of school board elections from the local board secretary. Those duties will now be handled by the county clerk, or board of election commissioners. Candidates may want to contact the county clerk or the board of election commissioners to see if there are places other than the main county office where they can file their nomination papers. The contact information for the Adams County Clerk is as follows:

Geogria Volm, Adams County Clerk
507 Vermont
Quincy, IL 62301
(217) 277-62301

Candidates for school board will not be filing any paperwork at the local district. The county clerk may have petition forms available or blank petitions may be downloaded from the State Board of Elections website, http://www.elections.il.gov/.

Candidates may also want to consult the “2015 Candidate’s Guide,” which can be downloaded from the State Board of Elections website, or contact the county clerk or board of election commissioners regarding the requirements of filing. Candidates and voters can get information about the district from its website, and learn about being a school board member from the Illinois Association of School Boards, at: www.iasb.com/elections.



New District Email Addresses

All CUSD #4 employees received new email addresses as of Monday, July 7th. We hope the new emails will make communication with staff throughout the district a little easier in the long run. We do recognize it is usually challenging in the near term. All new emails will follow this pattern: fname.lname@cusd4.com. For example, Brian Kurz will have the email address brian.kurz@cusd4.com. 

If you have questions about any contact information, please don’t hesitate to call either the district office (936.2111) or one of the school offices.